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Sairam Healthcare Chritable Trust, sunil Nagar, Nanded  running charity hospital at sunil Nagar Nanded from last ten years . Several patient of TB, Cold, Temperature, fluew etc treated and also

indoor and outdoor patients are checked by organization charity Hospital.


Sairam Healthcare Chritable Trust, sunil Nagar, Nanded Aids Janjagrati shibir at Sunil Nagar nanded on 10/10/2017 Number of patient of Aids were checked and treated them by ayurvedic medicine, any patient has not find+ve therefore they are not admitted in hospital.


Sairam Healthcare Chritable Trust, sunil Nagar, Nanded (MS) running the Ten bedded Hospital namely shri Sai Jyothi Hospital (Health) programme & cover 25 village of the Nanded tribal blocks of Nanded district. In this 2017-18- year organization has admitted near about 1700 hundred indoor patient and 7340 outdoor patients and given them treatment along with medicines @ free of cost as per their disease, & Emphasis is placed on mother and child health, Ten Bedded Hospital, awareness camps, growth monitoring of children less than five years of age and pot natal care, safe delivery, counseling on family planning and diagnostic services from the key components of the health programme. In this then Bedded Hospital medical & Health services camps total 2081 patients were treated during the year. Ailments treated included cardio-vascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, urinary and pediatric infections an dermatological disorders. Beside faciliting the government sponsored pulse-polio campaign, the health team of  Sairam Healthcare Chritable Trust, sunil Nagar, Nanded (MS) Ten Bedded Hospital (Health) carried out regular BCG, DPT, Polio measles, and vitamin A vaccination campaigns for children, significantly affecting the incidence of morbidity, and family planning was given emphasis in the awareness and many have adopted various family planning methods. In this Medical relief work organization has checked patients HB & Blood group, health Card, HIV test, etc and distributed them free medicines.


For the promotion of the national, integration Sairam Healthcare Chritable Trust, sunil Nagar, Nanded (MS)  had taken a national integration camp. This camp was for the youths boys and girls. We had delivered speeches of he eminent resource persois to the youths, o the subject of social reforms, harmony brotherhood, etc. in this camp one hundred youths were taken participation program were arranged on 09/06/2017 organization has taken a ship aried goats rearing programmes for the rural farmers. In this camp we has given a training to them for how to farm the domestic animals in the farms as a side business for the farmer and villagers.


Sairam Healthcare Chritable Trust, sunil Nagar, Nanded (MS)  Dist Adilabad-has arranged a training camps of the generation for the  rural women. In this camps we had trained the women by giving them computer. Tailoring, beauty parlor training. In this training camps 269 women were participated. We has given them assistance for the self employment. Now the women are working in their own houses and private firms and they are getting more money. Through this their family income is increased program were arranged on 24-10-2017.for two day.T0 impart practical knowledge about human right  and there protection


Sairam Healthcare Chritable Trust, sunil Nagar, Nanded (MS)  ha sarranged a Shibir for the social welfare of the scheduled casts and scheduled tribes. In this camp we has arranged a workshop for the peoples about the social welfare and developmental activities for them. To this camp various resource persons were addressed for delivering speeches program were arranged 26-7/2017

                                                                                                                             Thanking You


Growing wellbeing for our community

A 3-Year Strategic Action Plan 2018-21         human being…

First, comes the human being…

The human being, the most honorable of all the created….

We set off with this motto. Our guide in this journey was “The most propitious person is the one that poor  people’’. In light of this guide, we prepared our strategic plan by also embracing universal values and standards



We envision a future full of possibilities of taking forward our ideas and thoughts of social change and also the implementation of those ideas as well. The tireless attempt towards perfection is what we seek to achieve. The future plans of our organization are thus just not mere plans but are the dreams of all the employees and beneficiaries. The need for diversification of serving other varied causes as well as extending the patronage to the deprived as much as possible is our future ideal. The future plans comprises of some severe issues which needs immediate thought and action for the wholesome development of the marginalized sections of the society and also the need for some infrastructural changes on the part of our organization








  • Social Justice & Equity: Everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities.


  • Respect: The rights and dignity of every human being irrespective of their social standing.


  • Integrity: transparency, accountability and efficiency in our dealings with others.


Partnerships: Working with other partners and   collaborators in a dedicated manner to-wards the achievement of common targets and goal

We build replicable, evidence-based solutions with communities, governments and public health systems to improve health outcomes of vulnerable urban women and children




2Review and Analysis

of the Context of Our Work

We believe and promote the following values in all that we do:

Lessons from the Past Findings from the Review of the Strategic Plan 2016-17


As it launches into the next strategic plan period SHCCT is fully aware of the environment (influencing factors and actors) it is going to work in.  It has isolated the critical challenges or conditions facing the  community and has thus identified pos-sable drivers for change as highlighted below.

Sustainability of partners and their projects as well as supporting communities through innovative approaches including grant-making and capacity building were identified as critical elements to its success and that of its DONER. In addition there was the unique approach of allowing communities to identify and prioritize their own agendas and the ability to work with others to support them. SHCCT   strong values, quality and empowering leadership were also noted to have been major contributors to the organization’s success. Most of those inter-viewed highly commended SHCCT on its approach to development.

However, there were a number of challenges noted during the review process with the possible recommendations to address them:

  • Strengthening the balance between needs and rights in programmers.
  • Strengthening capacity building.


  • Keeping the policy agenda focused


  • Expanding the influencing agenda.


SHCCT   intends to use the recommendations from the review as building stones even as it embarks on this new strategy.

Target Group and Geographical Location of Operations

1] SHCCT  works with poor, marginalized and disadvantaged communities as its primary target group and looks to assist them uplift their livelihoods through their own efforts.

2 ]The organization’s secondary target comprise of organized communities who are focused in looking to uplift themselves in a sustainable manner through asset development.

3] SHCCT  believes strongly in the ability of communities to identify and drive their own development agenda. As such, the organization responds to requests from these communities. In responding to the requests, SHCCT  attempts to as far as is possible ensure that its interventions have a national per-species by covering a diverse number of  regions .fund builders as vital partners in assisting the organization and the community in attaining sustain-ability
3Strategy: What We Do

& How We Do It


SHCCT  plans during this strategic plan period to build on the achievements made and work

undertaken over the last five years with the different communities . Taking into consideration the tremendous demand (current and anticipated as a result of devolution) on SHCCT ’s services and the communities that have already been strengthened, the organization proposes to play a more facilitative role, only intervening itself on the ground where it desires to assist in establishing best practices that others can replicate for their own sustainability.

This shall be done by focusing on the following thematic areas:

  • Livelihoods, Environment and Climate


Change (LEC)


  • Education, Youth and Children


  • Policy, Research and Advocacy


  • Capacity Development & Organizational



.   Mother and child health care


4Our Work Going Forward


SHCCT  strategic goals which are based on its Vision, Mission and Theory of Change and upon which the organization has developed its interventions are as follows:

To build strong and credible institutions for

Sairam Healthcare Charitable Trust, Sunil Nagar Nanded is a registered Non Profit Making organisation established in 2008. The Aim of the trust is to Provide better opportunities to the Under privileged children who hails from the poor background irrespective of their caste and creed. This NGO aims at providing a better future to the kids of the country.

As much as 500 million of India’s total population live below the poverty level. These families live in living standards that are among the poorest in the world. Out of these 30% are the children. We aim at providing the input that will build the skills of these disadvantaged children so they can lead better lives.

As it is rightly said by Nelson Mandela ‘Sport has the power to change the world’ . An innovative way of building life skills is through sports. So we want to change their lives through sports. Sports require and teach discipline, confidence, team-work, patience, tolerance, etc which are essential components of life skills.

We have also been involved in starting a Sports league with children who came from very poor homes. There was an assumption that these would be a useful introduction to their lives; provide an opportunity that otherwise they may not have. That assumption seemed certainly true; it introduced a new art, opportunity for entertainment, values of competition and discipline.

Now We wish to take this Sports League for these children to next level by organising National level competition, buying them sports kit, Hiring Trained and professional coaches which could help these children learn experience about various sports and games. We wish to expand its operations and aims to be associated with more than ten thousand underprivileged adolescents in the Coming years.

To meet such aims it definitely requires large amounts as grants and funds. The major sources of financial support in the past were funds and donations made by family members and friends or any fundraising events (corporate sponsorships), but that are not enough. Lack of funds and donations limits us from hiring experienced people and this also impacts our intentions of expanding this much appreciated work to a greater level. So we are running a crowdfunding Campaign on India For Sports to gather funds for “Sports for Development” for these kids.

If you are willing to bring about a change in the lives of young underprivileged children, and support in our cause, please do Contribute and help us in achieving our mission of empowering life skills to underprivileged children to carry out their day-to-day activities with ease !